The Seven Best Customer Success Tools for Effective Client Management

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Another great Intercom feature is that it allows users to create comprehensive knowledge bases. Thus, clients can easily and quickly find the answer to complex and simple questions without needing to speak with a customer service representative. Of course, Intercom’s intercom zendesk messaging capabilities also make it easy for clients to connect with agents when necessary. Salesforce is the CRM market leader and Salesforce Service Cloud platform designed specifically for customer service and support with AI-driven assistants.

intercom zendesk

Hubspot is a great choice if you’re looking for an all-in-one platform that will cover multiple areas of your business. Such integration can help you provide a seamless customer experience. No matter which channels your customers are using to interact with your business, you will be providing the best possible customer service. Furthermore, HelpCrunch can help your team save a lot of time and effort. Our shared inbox provides an intuitive interface for managing all customer requests from multiple channels in one place, without having to switch between different tools.

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As your business grows, your live chat solution should grow with you. Choose a scalable option that can accommodate your expanding customer base and support needs. In March 2017, the decision was made to migrate to Zendesk Support to manage all customer support. SlicePay put an emphasis on enabling customers to self-serve and invested in building a help center to answer common questions in real time. There’s plenty of information about customer support and ticketing software options.

Customer Support Software Market Size and Regional Outlook Analysis 2023-2030 – Benzinga

Customer Support Software Market Size and Regional Outlook Analysis 2023-2030.

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For when you need to provide a more personal touch, video conferencing tools allow you to connect with your customers face-to-face (or at least virtually). This can be helpful for things like training sessions or demo calls. The upkeep side of the role typically involves working with enterprise clients or large accounts and making sure they are happy with the product or service. This might involve helping them with any questions post onboarding, fixing any issues that have occurred or doing any refresher training. See how quickly your team can start delivering business-ready data, with Matillion.

Boost your team’s productivity by up to 25% with our AI-Powered Employee Monitoring Software.

A much smaller and intimate gathering, it brings together 50 SaaS leaders and founders to network, bond with each other and tackle some less addressed topics. To make the most of that unique opportunity, SaaSociety takes attendees away from the crowds and hustle and bustle for a 36-hour retreat in the intercom zendesk Irish countryside. The agenda is carefully curated to ensure guests can bond with the SaaS finest. On the second day of SaaStock, we are transforming the Traction Stage into Rocket Fuel. This year our investor team has carefully thought about how to optimise SaaStock’s value proposition for investors.

Track the time spend in Office 365 with automatic time tracking. Improve time tracking and scheduling with LiquidPlanner and Worktivity. Track time in Avaza project management with our Worktivity integration. These Worktivity integrations allow you to connect your favorite apps so you can conveniently manage projects in one single interface.

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