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Exploring Various Agreements and Contracts

A service agreement is an essential document that outlines the terms and conditions between a service provider and a client. TCS, a leading IT company, offers a service agreement that you can download here.

If you are looking for independent contractor jobs near you, check out this website for a wide range of opportunities.

When it comes to international trade, a free trade agreement plays a crucial role in promoting economic growth. India has a free trade agreement with various countries to foster trade relationships.

Under competition law, there are various types of anti-competitive agreements that are prohibited. Learn more about these agreements here.

If you are wondering how to create a rental agreement, refer to this guide on how to make a rental agreement for all the necessary steps.

The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) is an international agreement that aims to promote trade by reducing tariffs. Read a short note on GATT here.

Pronouns and antecedents must agree in number and gender. Learn more about what constitutes pronoun and antecedent agreement here.

Have you heard of the term “shenanigans agreement”? Find out more about this intriguing concept here.

When it comes to labor agreements, it’s important to note that not all collective agreements directly affect your employment. Read more about this topic here.

Finally, the GST rate on works contracts underwent changes in 2020. Explore the details of the GST rate on works contract in 2020 here.

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